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The Philadelphia Inquirer – Cyber charters may benefit from the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean their students do.

Schools that have already established online learning must seem like attractive and obvious options to parents. But that’s worrisome, for a number of reasons. Read the full article here.

The 74 – Charters Close Achievement Gap With District Schools, Study Finds, With Black and Low-Income Students Making the Greatest Gains.

Over a 12-year period, charter school students made gains in reading and math on national achievement tests roughly twice as large as those made by students in district schools, according to new research appearing Wednesday in the journal Education Next. Read the full article.

Newsweek – Charter School and Public School Students Have Same Academic Performance, Report Finds.

Griffith cited research done by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), which researches the impact of charter schools and other education policies across the country. In 2013, CREDO released a broad survey of charter schools in 27 states, which found that approximately […]

The Philadelphia Tribune – During Capitol rally, charter school parents, students vow to push back against Wolf’s proposed reforms.

Research shows that Pennsylvania’s charter schools deliver mixed results for their students. A 2019 Stanford University study found that brick-and-mortar charter school students did better in reading than their traditional public school counterparts. The gains were even higher among black and Hispanic charter students. Read the full […]

Education Week – Many Online Charter Schools Fail to Graduate Even Half of Their Students on Time.

Online charter schools, which are run mostly by for-profit companies, have long struggled with poor academic outcomes—from test scores, to academic growth, to graduation rates, to attendance rates. The most high-profile study, done by economists at Stanford University in 2015, found that students attending an online […]

The Columbus Dispatch – Study shows urgent need to fix online charter schools.

A new scholarly study of charter-school performance in Ohio offers only modest encouragement for those who want to see improvement in those schools, but it does make clear where reform efforts should be focused first: on online schools, whose students consistently perform worse than similar students at […]

The Economist – Portfolio theory School choice does not work as well as its advocates hope.

WILLIAM HITE, Philadelphia’s school superintendent, has a difficult job. His school district, which contains some of the poorest pupils in the nation, has been under state control since 2001, an arrangement that will end this year. Proficiency in reading and maths lags about 30 percentage […]

Harvard Political Review – Massachusetts Charter Schools: Why Do They Outrank Their Counterparts across the Nation?

A 2014 study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University found that the average Ohio charter student, compared with his or her public school peer, acquired 14 fewer days in reading and 43 fewer days of math in a 180-day […]

CREDO at Stanford University Releases Evaluation on Charter Restart Model. Stanford CREDO.

The evaluation studied the experience and effectiveness of a unique approach to improving low-performing public schools in both the charter and traditional public-school sectors in New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville.

Huffington Post – A Rebuttal of Weingarten on the Facts.

On April 13, 2016, Randi Weingarten published a blog post on Huffington Post’s website, “A Coordinated National Effort to Decimate Public Schools.” She makes a number of allegations about charter schools in the United States in an effort to paint a picture of large-scale conspiracy […]

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