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During early spring of 2020, as our nation slowly grew to realize we were entering a pandemic, CREDO thought it imperative to capture the experience of school administrators. Events created an unprecedented occasion to learn insights to help comprehend the impact on public school children. 

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2023 Pace of Learning Report


Introduction (excerpted from policy brief) There is no dispute we are in unfamiliar waters when it comes to designing and implementing solutions to the pandemic’s impacts on learning. Since...

Charter Schools’ Response to the Pandemic in Cal...

Charter Study, COVID, State Study
Charter Schools’ Response to the Pandemic in California, New York and Washington State


Charter schools in California, New York, and Washington state show standing capacity to adapt. New research on charter schools’ reveals a larger story of how education policy at large...
NY charter schools: Remote instruction during the COVID crisis (spring 2020)


New York State charter schools adjusted rapidly to remote learning Download Full Report Press Release
Meta-analysis of simulations of 2020 achievement assessments in 19 states


Meta-analysis of 19 states reveals huge challenge facing educators post-pandemic
Estimates of learning loss in 2019-20 school year


Students lost a year of learning due to ‘COVID slide’ Download Full Brief Download Press Release Download Short Brief