Planning & Management

Strategic Planning and Performance Management: Defining and Driving Progress

CREDO has deep experience working with educational agencies and organizations to establish best practices in performance measurement and management. With a focus on developing and applying measures of student academic quality as well as operational quality, CREDO assists organizations in developing a working system for ongoing performance management and reporting. CREDO has identified and developed best practices in the evaluation of student and school performance, the management of performance data, and the use of performance measures to increase school and student accountability.

CREDO’s methods for evaluating charter, traditional, and online public schools have been of particular interest to education policymakers. CREDO aims to improve educational policy while building consensus around the use of research-based data to improve school, district, and organizational performance, accountability, and governance. Specific goals include increasing an organization’s focus on results, building capacity to manage performance, aligning expectations among stakeholders (including teachers, administrators, parents, and students), and reorienting activity to support student progress.

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