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Education Post – Charter Schools at Age 25: Three Strengths and Three Weaknesses.

While overall academic performance of charter schools has been mixed, it is clearly positive for students in urban settings—the very students who most need better educational opportunities. The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford found that the typical student in an urban charter school […]

Education Next – Rethinking Charter School Evaluation When The Gold Standard Is Off The Table.

The findings we’re releasing today are good news for the education research community because they demonstrate that CREDO’s synthetic matching approach offers a reasonable alternative when the gold standard is not feasible or possible. This approach appears to produce reliable estimates of charter effectiveness and […]

The Washington Post – Study on online charter schools: ‘It is literally as if the kid did not go to school for an entire year’.

A new study on the effectiveness of online charter schools is nothing short of damning — even though it was at least partly funded by a private pro-charter foundation. It effectively says that the average student who attends might as well not enroll. The study […]

Education Week – Cyber Charters Have ‘Overwhelmingly Negative Impact,’ CREDO Study Finds.

CREDO, the Center on Reinventing Public Education and Mathematica Policy Research collaborated on the National Study of Online Charter Schools, which represents the first comprehensive national look at the roughly 200 schools in the publicly funded, independently managed cyber-charter sector. Such schools enroll about 200,000 full-time students across 26 […]

US News and World Report – Charters Score in Cities

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