Estimates of learning loss in 2019-20 school year

Students lost a year of learning due to ‘COVID slide’

  1. For the vast majority of students whose schools went into lockdown due to the pandemic, remote education led to very significant declines in achievement in reading and math. Recovery could take years.
  2. The 19 states in the study show sharp differences in the effects of the pandemic on student achievement. Average estimates of how much students lost in spring 2020 ranged from 57 to 183 days of learning in reading and from 136 to 232 days of learning in math.
  3. Dr. Margaret Raymond, director of CREDO at Stanford University, said, “For us, the bigger concern is the variation in loss estimates across schools. The students who would have been at the back of the pack if regular assessments had been used are the students that have the deepest rates of COVID slide.”

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