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Charter Studies

Charter schools have been offering educational choices to families across the nation for over two decades.

Simultaneously, the charter school movement has received criticism in many states, with supporters praising the charters’ autonomy and opponents protesting the allocation of public school resources to charters. Only a fraction of the debate is grounded in well-researched evidence about charter school practices and their impact on student outcomes.

The need for evidence about charter school performance persists. CREDO continues to expand the evidence base with systematic research on charter school performance across the country.

“The CREDO report last week was absolutely a wake-up call, even if you dispute some of its conclusions or its language. The charter movement is putting itself at risk by allowing too many second-rates and even third-rate schools to continue to exist. Your goal should always be quality, not quantity.”

United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools National Conference, June 2009

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