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Planning & Management

“Out of all the things I have been involved in over the past 10 years, this has had the most significant impact. It is helping us to identify what is quality and what are the steps to getting us there.”

— Florida charter school authorizer

“Performance management training moved us. It shifted our thinking. We used this work to educate our board, and when they recognized what it was, they wanted us to use it.”

— The Arizona State Board for Charter Schools staffer

Strategic Planning and Performance Management: Defining and Driving Progress

CREDO offers a one-year intensive program aimed at boosting student achievement by helping educational organizations strengthen their performance management practices. Known as Incline Performance Management 360°, the program is designed to build consensus around the use of data to improve school, district or organizational performance, accountability and governance. Specific goals include increasing an organization’s focus on results, building capacity to manage performance, aligning expectations among stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, parents and students, and reorienting activity to support student progress. Consisting of a broad set of integrated tools and training, Incline Performance Management 360° starts with a baseline assessment followed by benchmarking, performance management training, and regular check-ups, concluding with a comprehensive impact assessment.

A core element of Incline Performance Management 360° is the Performance Management Institute (PMI), a two-day professional development workshop that introduces key stakeholders to best practices in performance measurement and management. With a focus on developing and applying measures of student academic quality as well as operational quality, the Institute assists participants in developing a working system for ongoing performance management and reporting.

The PMI was initially developed as part of Building Charter School Quality, a three-year National Leadership Activities Project funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program. Under this grant, CREDO, in partnership with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, and the Colorado League of Charter Schools, identified and developed best practices in the measurement of student and school performance, the management of performance data, and the use of performance measures to increase school and student accountability. The PMI has attracted more than 100 participants to date, and an interactive online version of the Institute was launched in June 2009.

BCSQ Framework

  • BCSQ Framework for Academic Quality
  • BCSQ Framework for Operational Quality